A lounge that looks like us


White sand, woods tones,... these tonalities inspired by New Caledonia provide a modern and elegant interior. With its façade entirely open over the runway and the mountain range, the lounge is decorated with wood and Alucobond. The wood provides a warm atmosphere while the Alucobond, a composite material made of two aluminium metal sheets and a plastic shell, provides a modern touch and structure to the whole. The floor, in tonalities of light woods, is plynyl (woven vinyl) evokes the image of a finely woven braids. In the central zone, to separate the buffet counter from the rest of the lounge, we’ve placed very large basins of light oak, resembling garden boxes, containing driftwood, evoking the spirit of New Caledonia’s most beautiful sites. 

Salon Hibiscus

Care for details: light and furniture

The lighting and, in particular, the possibilities of of LED lighting, are the result of careful consideration. Thanks to this, blue lights can soften or highlight certain spaces. All the bay windows are equipped with remote controlled blinds to change the light according to the time of day.

The beige and sand-coloured leather chairs offer maximum comfort. The seats along the rows each have plugs and a wood and frosted glass tablet, upon which you can place a glass or a plate. If they prefer, travellers can sit at a stool at the two bars in the buffet area.  


Permanent exhibition

Take advantage of the Hibiscus lounge to discover a local artist or New Caledonian-inspired art. Aircalin is proud to offer artists this gorgeous space to showcase their work.

Multiple benefits

Salon Hibiscus

A business space

Two large television screens in the main lounge and the third in the VIP room allow passengers to keep up to date with the news. On the computing side, the entire lounge boasts wifi, and five iMacs have been provided for our clients’ use.   

The lounge provides our clients with a range of newspapers and magazines. Current affairs, economics, women’s interest or celebrity gossip... there’s something for everyone!

The far end of the lounge is a space that, if necessary, can become a private VIP room.

Salon Hibiscus

A buffet counter

Pastries, verrines, canapés and sweet petits-fours... our on-board service works hard to offer you a wide selection of sophisticated appetizers. In addition to classic fruit juices and health drinks, we offer you the same wines as you can find on board our aircraft. Tea lovers will be delighted by the range of teas and herbal teas from the famous brand, Kusmi Tea.